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Maps of the O&C Forests
  • The O&C forests only comprise a very small amount of Oregon forest land when compared to the vast amounts of both Federal and Privately owned Forest land.
  • The O&C forest lands comprise approximately 2.4 million acres of federally-owned forest lands in 18 western Oregon counties.
  • In 1937, the softwood inventory was estimated to be about 44 billion board feet.  After more than 60 years of timber harvest and wise management, the softwood inventory is now estimated to be about 60 billion board feet.


December 2012 Funding to Oregon Counties and School Districts "7 Year Rolling Average"

How are the Safety Net Payments distributed amongst the 18 Counties


Where are the lands located?


What percentage of lands are O&C lands?


How are the O&C lands divided?


How much O&C lands does each county have?


"Promises to Keep"
Association of O&C Counties